Born in Chicago (1986), Kati began with the classical guitar at the age of nine. However, it was the raw emotions expressed through the intricate rhythms and oriental melodies of flamenco that captivated her. She has pursued this passion since.

In 2011 she began studying with Enrique Vargas. In 2015, she moved to Madrid to immerse herself in the flamenco community. Since then, she has expanded her flamenco studies in guitar with Jose Jimenez ‘El Viejín’, flamenco singing with Montse Cortés, and palmas with Miguel Reyes at the Casa Patas foundation.


Kati performs in a wide variety of venues across Europe and the United States. A couple recent performances from 2017 in Spain include Casa Patas ‘Pueblo Ingles’ shows, and the Ortigosa Summer Festival.

In the winter of 2017, a team of NYU students created a mini-documentary about Kati´s life and experiences in Madrid: Kati Documentary